Why Boxing

Why boxing
Boxing Training and fitness boxing has many qualities to offer eg.
* Increased ability to concentrate
* Endurance
* Physical strength
* Varied training
* Contents of daily life
* A good clublift
* Challenges for yourself
* Fitness training

Boxing Training is for everyone - even girls!
Excercise Boxing
You do not have to be willing to put up for battle, to participate in the training.
Boxing training is not only about sparring, but concentrates mainly on the strength and fitness, where the whole body gets worked optimally.
Sparring for training is completely optional, but you are welcome to try the boxing ring, if you like.

Fight Boxing
If you practice often and seriously, you'll after approx. 4 months training be ready to boxing matches.
If you and your coach believes you're ready, you get to your first boxing match against another boxer at the same level as yourself.
AK Jyden have a tradition of creating champion boxers. Børge Krogh and Michael Rask is trained in AK Jyden.